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 As soon as she walked through the hallway, all the boys saw her, and
all the boys wanted her. She was beautiful, she was smart, she was
young, she was everything all the boys ever wanted, and her name was Amy
Rose. She was a new student, in her school, and already she had a
friend - Cream the Rabbit. As soon as they met, they became best
friends. Cream was the only person she really knew in the school so far -
after all, it was only the first week! "Hmm. I'm beginning to wonder if
anyone notices me." Amy said to Cream as they walked to science class
together. Cream rolled her eyes in a playful way knowing Amy was
oblivious to all the boys drooling over her. "Amy, don't worry, everyone
will. It's not like you're invisible!" Cream said assuring her friend.
"I hope so." Amy said back with a worried expression on her face. Ounce
more, Cream rolled her eyes. "Oh, shoot! I forgot something in my
locker! I'll be right over to class. Will you cover for me?" Amy said to
and asked her friend. "Course I will, silly!" Cream said with a bright
positive smile. Amy smiled. "Thanks Cream!" Amy said running off in the
other direction. She was about to turn the corner, when she ran into
someone. They toppled over each other. It was a male hedgehog she ran
into. He had long blue quills, will an extremely handsome face. But one
more thing, happened: They had landed in to each other with a kiss.

did not realize this until she opened her eyes. The male hedgehog was
not aware either until, he too, opened his eyes. As their lips
separated, Amy blushed- hard! The male blue hedgehog was blushing
as well. As he stood up, his face got only redder. "I-I'm sorry, I-I
didn't mean to uh, run into you. I didn't expect a pretty girl to come
running by...UH, i MEAN..." The Hedgehog said. Amy's blush got softer
now seeing that he was a harmless person. But, as for the blue hedgehog,
his face turned from blue to red! "God, I'm probably redder then
Knuckles right now." he whispered to himself. "It's okay!" Amy said with
a perfect white smile. "It was probably my fault. I shouldn't have been
running in the hallway. Plus, I can be a klutz sometimes." Amy said
with her face getting a little redder. "I should probably introduce
myself. My name is Amy Rose. What's yours?" She asked holding out her
hand for him to shake. Glad that Amy had changed the subject, the blue
hedgehog was shaking her hand now saying " My name is Sonic. Sonic The
Hedgehog!" Then then stopped shaking, but were still holding hands. "I'm
very glad to meet you..." Amy said putting her head down blushing a
little. "Wow...she sure looks cute when she blushes..." Sonic
thought to himself. Then remembering what she had come towards her
locker in the first place for, she then turned the combination number
unlocking the metal door, then grabbing her science text book. "Oh, uh,
c-can I help you with that?" Sonic asked. Amy looked up surprised and a
little flattered. "Oh, why, thank-you." Amy said. Their faces then came
close, almost into another kiss, but then, they stopped them selves. "His looks so...handsome..." Amy thought to herself. They then walked to Amy's class together, happily getting to know one-another better.

soon as they got to Amy's class at the door, Sonic handed her the book,
"See you later, I guess." Sonic said to Amy. "Yeah..." Amy said, her
voice trailing off, yet a little sad he was leaving. Waving good-bye,
Sonic ran off in the other direction. As Amy entered room, Ms.Jenna, the
science teacher, looked puzzled. "Amy! I never expected you of all
people to be late for class. That would be a detention, but since you
aren't one of my regular class clowns, I'm letting you off with a
warning." Ms.Jenna said to her. "Yes Ms.Jenna." Amy said day-dreaming.
Cream looked confused. "Amy. You seem a little too happy. What
happened?" Cream asked her friend. "Oh, nothing..." Amy said grinning.
"Okay...?" Cream respond. But Cream knew something was up...and she was
going to find out what it was. Meanwhile with Sonic, he was thinking
about Amy: How pretty she looked, how nice she seemed, how polite she
seemed, how white her smile was, etc. "Wow...Amy Rose. What a pretty
name..." Sonic said to himself. As he walked into math class, Tails, his
best friend and little brother, could see right away something was up.
"Whoa, what happened to you?" Tails asked with a smug look. "Ohhhh,
nothin'..." Sonic said barely paying attention. Like Cream, Tails knew
something was up, and also, he was going to find out. After school was
over, Sonic was walking towards home when a brown haired ground squirrel
ran towards him. "Oh, no..." Sonic said rolling his eyes. "What do you want Sally?" Sonic asked. "Um...isn't it obvious? I'm here for my date!! You
lost the bet, remember? Sally said batting her eyes. Sonic did
remember. "Sally, when i said as soon as possible, I didn't mean when
school was out." Sonic said to her speaking as if she were deaf. "I know
silly! I was just reminding you!" Sally said to him. "Okay...bye now
Sally." Sonic said. "Byeeeeee Sonic!!!!!" Sally said. But before he even
moved, Sally put her arms around him and kissed him right on the spot
Amy had. And then she ran off. Sonic blushed, but not in a good way. And
before he started walking home, he saw something. No, not something,
someone. As he looked across the street, he saw nobody else but Amy Rose. She had seen the whole thing.
yay!!!!! I'm very proud of this!!!!!! This is a Sonamy fanfic. There will be other characters in the story. Some FCs, others real Sega Characters. PART 2 IS HERE!!!!! XD :D [link]
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Yes. That is a shame.
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